Horsehead Nebula – Aleix Roig

Horsehead Nebula - Aleix Roig

Aquesta vegada amb poc més de 21h d'exposició total:

The Orion constellation is full of amazing nebulae. Most of them are part of the same dusty cloud, mainly composed by ionized hydrogen that emits really strong in the H alpha spectral line. The use of narrow band filters allows us to detect all this emissions. These materials sometimes create spectacular shapes such as the Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33) or the Witch Head Nebula (IC 2118). This image shows the area that surrounds the Horsehead Nebula full of molecular clouds from the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex.

Image details:

L: 74x300"" 0Gain Bin1

RGB: (R: 27, G:24, B:28) x180"" 0Gain Bin1

Ha: 66x600"" 0Gain Bin1

50 darks, 50 bias, 30 flats

Total exposure: 21h07'



Mesu 200

ASI1600MM-C + ZWO OAG with ASI174MC + ZWO EFW 8 pos


SGP, PHD2, APP, Pixinsight.

Prades - Catalonia, Spain. May 2020

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