M78 – Aleix Roig

M78 - Aleix Roig

Adjunto una imatge de M78 amb l’arc de Barnard amb nou processat. Mentrestant segueixo pendent d’acabar una altra imatge prop de M78 i que la tempesta Glòria ha aturat. The nebula M78 or NGC2068 is a reflection nebula that can be found in the Orion constellation.

In this broad band image we can see part of the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex. Emission, reflection and dark nebulae can be seen in this image. The Orion Cloud lays around 1500 light years away from us. The most popular object in this region is M42, also called the Orion Nebula, is one of the brightest deep sky objects that can be seen in the northern hemisphere.

17 Herbig-Haro objects can be found in M78. These are patches of nebulosity associated with newly born stars.

The image shown above is the composition of LRGB broad band filters together with Ha narrow band filter that has helped to highlight the Barnard's Loop.

Image details:

L: 45x300""

RGB: 15x300"" each channel

Ha: 12x600""

50 darks, 50 bias, 30 flats

All images taken at 0Gain Bin1 -25ºC

Total exposure: 8h



Mesu 200

ASI1600MM-C PRO + ZWO OAG with ASI174MC + ZWO EFW 8 pos


SGP, PHD2, APP, Pixinsight.

Prades (Tarragona).

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